Steve Madden ‘Beautey’ toecap pumps

Steve Madden

First up, my usual disclaimer when it comes to Steve Madden shoes: that’s not my spelling error in the title, it’s the way he’s chosen to spell the name of this shoe. All other errors are my own, though…

Enough about spelling, though, and on to the shoes! I’ve mentioned my love of toe caps often enough by now for it to come as no surprise to anyone that I’m a big fan of these pumps, with their patent toes and contrasting suede uppers. These come in four different colours – the three shown above, plus grey – and I’d be hard-pressed to choose between them. I think I’d go for the beige. Or the black. Or possibly the pink.

If you CAN choose, you can do it here: these are $99.95 at Zappos.


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