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Alaïa red laser-cut suede sandals, £990

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at anything by Alaïa without thinking of that scene in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone says, “This is an Alaïa!” Is it just me? (On another note: I must re-watch Clueless soon…) I think that was actually the first time I’d ever heard of the designer, but although the brand doesn’t exactly dominate the fashion scene, every so often it comes out with something that makes me stop in my tracks and think, “This is an Alaïa!”

Well, these shoes are “an Alaïa”, and what an Alaïa they are. With a 4.5″ stiletto heel and a 0.5″ platform, they’re slightly less vertiginous than they look, and are absolutely packed with amazing style. The style is basically an updated t-bar sandal, but they’re world’s away from the kind of shoes I for one tend to associate with that kind of style. These have a red suede upper and laser-cut straps, with small buttons dotted along the sides, and echoing the circles you see on the upper. The design is actually very simple, but the cut-outs dress it up nicely, giving it a much more elaborate feel. I think these would be the perfect way to dress up a plain dress – black, white, navy or grey would be the obvious choices to contrast the red with, but they’d also be wonderful with a bright blue, or even a print. I also love to pair sandals like this with something much more casual, like distressed jeans, say, with a fitted blazer, for a nice mix of smart and casual. Why save beautiful shoes for special occasions, after all?

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