6″ Heels: ASOS ‘Pageant’ floral plaftform shoes

ASOS 'Pageant' floral plaftform shoes

ASOS ‘Pageant’ floral plaftform shoes, £40

For today’s Shoe of the Day, I bring you something a little bit different – and something I’m not actually sure many of you are going to like, to be completely honest.

I was interested in these shoes because, over the weekend I was tidying up my closet, and as I re-arranged some of my shoes, I realised there are quite a few pairs I haven’t worn in months. That’s not so unusual for March, of course – MOST of my shoes don’t get much use during the winter, because I’m stuck in boots all the time – but the problem is that although there are still tons of pairs I can’t wait to be able to get back into regular rotation again, there are also quite a few that I just can’t see myself wearing this year at all.

Almost all of the shoes in that category have one thing in common: they’re platforms. A few years back, platforms were pretty much all you could buy, and I bought more than my fair share of them. I loved them at the time, and wore them often, but times have changed, styles have changed, and my taste has changed too. Back in the days of my Shoe Challenge, I was forced to make myself at least TRY to wear ALL of my shoes, but since the challenge ended, I have to admit there are some pairs which just don’t get much of a look in, while others are on constant rotation.

The fact is, most of those shoes are still in pretty good condition: it would be a complete waste to just throw them away, but I’m not wearing them, and I doubt I’d be able to sell them for much either, as they’re used, and not exactly current styles. I also know that one day my taste will likely change again: one day all of the pointed pumps I’m currently wearing will start to seem just as dated as the platforms do now, and I’ll possibly regret getting rid of the ones I have.

Which brings me to these shoes.

These are totally unlike anything I’ve been featuring/buying lately but they ARE very similar to the styles that predominated a few years ago. Back then, I’d probably have thought these were absolutely amazing: and, looking at them objectively, they really are. The bright floral print is fantastic, the 6″ heel is striking, to say the least, and they’re the kind of shoes that will make people do a double-take. They’re also mega-high platforms: which seem to be starting to make a bit of a comeback, thanks to the 70s-inspired styles that are filtering through to the high street. (As you can see, the ASOS model is wearing a pair of flared jeans with them!)

They’re not something I’d buy myself, but I’ll be interested to see if the pendulum does start to swing back towards platforms again – and maybe I’ll get some use out of those unworn shoes if it does!


  • I have no idea when I would wear them, or if could walk in them, but I think I’m in love. Which is weird, because I wasn’t crazy about platforms even when they were in style.

  • I love these! The print is stunning! I don’t wear platforms these high anymore either, so won’t be purchasing, I’ll be hurriedly heading over to see if they bring out any other styles in the same print though!

  • I love the print design and the height of these heels, but from this guy’s point of view, the shape of the stiletto and the way that shape positions the heel tip, it makes the heel look unstable in its objective capacity in only supporting the back of the foot instead of under the foot’s heel. Furthermore, it seems to me, when the construction of the stilettos resembles somewhat the shape of the long stemmed wine glass and centers the heel tip perpendicularly under the front half of the foot’s heel, this is the best support worthy look that has the beauty of perfection in high stiletto/spike heel designing. This factor alone deters my wanting to purchase a lot of the high heels on the market no matter what their brand status is. Well, I’ve gotten that off my chest. Have a good day!

  • Wawww!I love those shoes !!! Would love to wear that during the summer when I will hopefully be fit and beautiful 🙂
    Definitely gonna bought these

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