A 5-Piece Outerwear Capsule

5-piece outerwear capsule

Confession time: this time last year, in addition to having an entire room for my clothes, I also had an entire closet (and a double-one) at that, full of outerwear. Just to make matters even worse, that closet was always crammed to bursting point, and eventually it got to the stage where enough was enough, and it was time for a clear-out.

What I learned from that clear-out? That I could happily live with just five coats/jackets. I mean, I’m not GOING to, obviously: I have a few absolutely gorgeous coats that I just can’t bear to part with now that I have them, but I DID get rid of more than I kept, and in doing so, I realised that if I was starting from scratch, all I’d need would be …


Living in the UK, a good-quality winter coat is an absolute necessity. If I could only choose one, I’d go for camel every time: it really does go with everything, and it gives a classic, sophisticated look to everything you wear, making it truly one of those “can’t live without it” items for me.


My trusty Zara trench has been on constant rotation ever since I bought it, and it gets worn from early spring, all the way through to the end of autumn. This is another one of those items which I feel always smartens up whatever I’m wearing with it: I can throw it on over jeans and a Breton top, and I’ll instantly feel a little more pulled-together, and very “me”. I bought mine over a year ago now, but this is style Zara generally release every year – a true classic (and water resistant, too!).


My black biker jacket was one of the best purchases I ever made, and has more than paid for itself (in terms of cost-per-wear) in the 2+ years since I bought it. I love this jacket (mine is also from Zara, although the one in the photo is by Balmain) because the fitted, cropped length makes it perfect for wearing with full skirts, while the thick leather is fairly warm and wind-proof. It’s something I wouldn’t have thought would be my style, but as soon as I bought it, I wondered how on earth I’d been living without it all this time…


Anyone want to hazard a guess where I got my white blazer? If you guessed “Zara”, congratulations: I mean, it wasn’t TOO hard a test, but go to the top of the class, all the same! I originally bought my blazer back in 2011, and I actually didn’t wear it too often – mostly because I was sure I’d just spill something on it and ruin it! Clothes are meant to be worn, though, and about two years ago I rediscovered it lurking in the back of the coat closet, and wore it so often I ended up buying a replacement (Yes, also from Zara. What can I say, I live their outerwear!), just to have ready for the inevitable moment when the original falls apart. So far I’ve managed to avoid spilling anything on either of them – although, if I do, at least I already have a backup!


denim jacket

Denim jackets are one of those items a lot of people consider a little dated, but I find mine pretty indispensable. It comes out every spring/summer, and because our summers aren’t generally too warm, it’s just really handy to be able to throw it in my bag when I’m heading out somewhere, in case I need it. (And I almost always DO…)  I love this one by Pepe Jeans, at Spartoo – it’s exactly the right shade of blue, and  because of the cropped, fitted shape, it’ll be really easy to wear with skirts and dresses, as well as with trousers.

Do you have a capsule coat closet? What’s in it?

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