5 Places to Find Petite Clothing on a Budget

Any petite people out there?

At 5’4″, I’m technically NOT petite: I still, however, find many clothes almost comically long on me (particularly things like jeans and trousers), which means I’m no stranger to the petite clothing sections of my favourite high street retailers. Here are five of my favourites…

5 places to find petite clothing in the UK

Miss Selfridge

Not only does Miss Selfridge’s regular section go down to a UK size 4, making it suitable for the smaller shopper, the petites section is a particularly good one: in fact, I frequently spot items in the petites section that aren’t available in regular sizes. Their petite clothing section runs from size 4 – 14, and is updated often, so there’s always something new.

New Look

New Look also has an extensive petites section, and a slightly wider sizing range, running from UK 4 – 16. If you don’t find anything in women’s clothing section, however, the teens section is also worth a look: while many teens and children’s sections are unsuitable for women in terms of the cuts and patterns, this selection is more “grown up” than many I’ve come across, and some of the the larger teens styles will also work for petite women.


Is there ANYTHING you can’t find at ASOS? Probably not, and while their petite clothing section doesn’t contain all of the same styles you’ll find in ‘regular’, the site also carries plenty of petite clothing from other brands, too, making it a good place to see a lot of different options in the same place. ASOS’s main line also goes down to a UK size 4, so some pieces may be suitable for petites.

Chi Chi London

One of The Fashion Police’s favourite eveningwear brands, Chi Chi London has extensive petite and curve sections, offering many of the same styles they do in ‘regular’.


Topshop’s petite section can be a little bit hit and miss, and I really wish they’d start offering their petite jeans in the same range of washes and styles that are available in the regular section, but it’s still better than average, and, as with their Arcadia stable-mates, Miss Selfridge, I’ve occasionally stumbled upon awesome petite clothing which isn’t available in regular, so it’s always worth a look.

Anyone else got some petite clothing tips to share?

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