Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 21: Mini & Flats

WHAT: New Look gold ballet flats
WHEN: June, 2011
WHERE: On holiday in Los Angeles, California
WITH: H&M dress, Gucci sunglasses

Gold ballet flats are a shoe closet staple for me. I have at least one pair in my possession at any given time, and if I happen to see another pair for the right price, I will usually buy them while I can, because I know that sooner or later the ones in current rotation will wear out and I’ll have to begin the search for replacements.

These ones were just Β£7 from New Look, and they’re starting to wear out already, possibly because of my habit of wearing them around the house, like slippers. Looks like the purchase of replacements of gold flats is somewhere on the horizon!


This dress is a good bit shorter than I’d normally wear, but I was working on Holiday Rules, which state that you can wear things you wouldn’t normally be able to get away with as long as either:

a) It’s really hot


b) You’re on vacation

Both of those applied in this case, and it was a REALLY hot day, so I decided it was time to bust out the mini. And yes, I’m wearing THAT hairdo again. It’s because I hadn’t washed my hair. Classy, no?

I’ve actually just realised that this is one of the few times you’ve ever seen me wear flats with anything other than skinny jeans. One of my unspoken style resolutions for this year was to try to break out of that particular style rut, so yay, I win! Or something.

Also one of the few photos you’ll ever see of me without makeup. Holiday rules, man! And thank God for giant sunglasses!


  • I loved the dress and the flats! And the hair too! And I didn’t find the dress too short! You look very pretty and classy as usual!

  • I was tempted to buy those shoes but was worried about how long they would last, but at Β£7 you can’t really complain. They look lovely with that dress. I also love looking at all of your holiday photos even though they make me very jealous. That house looks amazing.

    • Well, they’re definitely not going to be the longest wearing pair of shoes you ever buy (that said, I’m wearing them right now, and they’re still going strong, even after me walking for miles in them on holiday – it’s only really when I take them off that I notice the wear!), but I figured for Β£7 I could just wear them until they fell apart πŸ™‚ I have them in pink too, and would’ve bought them in red if they’d had my size πŸ™‚

  • V Cute! I have your ‘gold flats replacement’ condition, with leopard print flats! I currently have 2 pairs that I’m rotating, but I’m on the hunt down for more!

  • I didn’t notice the lack of make up. I finally bought a pair of red flats so now I guess I need a pair of gold ones too! You are leading me astray as usual.

  • The dress is absolutely gorgeous, I lovvvee it with the flats! I have a similar dress but the color is more of a bright emerald rather than a pastel green πŸ™‚

  • Lovely combination – innocent cream and mint and rich gold with slight tann with pink undertone of your skin – everything goes so nice together. Also mini dress with flats – very refreshing to see on you and with those legs it would be my signature summer look :).

  • I couldn’t believe it when I saw you wearing flats!You look great! And the dress is not short at all! You definitely have the body to wear it. You always look gorgeous, and I’m sure that you look amazing with no make up on, even without the sunglasses.

  • i have the cheaper look a-like of that shoes… colour violet… πŸ™‚ all of your shoes looks good on you! β™₯

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