Miss KG by Kurt Geiger ‘Minnie’ platforms in grey and pink

Well, they’re not the red version I declared to be Shoe Kryptonite last month, but they WERE on sale, and they HAD been on my wish list for the best part of a year, so when Kurt Geiger reduced their grey ‘Minnie’ pumps to £45 in the sale, I figured it would be silly not to grab a pair!

These actually went on sale a just a couple of days before I went on holiday, and I was a bit disappointed, assuming they’d have sold out long before I got back. One of the things I love about Kurt Geiger, however, is the fact that their stock seems to stick around much longer than some other high street stores I could mention (*cough* Zara *cough*) , in which you have to either buy the thing  the second you see it, or resign yourself to trawling eBay for it for the rest of your life. This is why I have some confidence that the red version of these shoes will still be around when I can justify buying them, although by saying that, I’ve probably just guaranteed that they’ll be sold out by tomorrow.

I love the contrast of the grey felt uppers and suede bows on these. Those fabrics do make them feel rather “wintry” to me, though, so I’ll be waiting until the cooler weather kicks in to “save” these – after last year’s Shoe Challenge I’m determined to wear my summer shoes while I have the opportunity!

These are still available at the sale price of £45: click here to become my shoe twin!


  • I very nearly bought those too. They are lovely and I’ve also wanted them since you first featured them. I’m regretting not buying them now, but I bought other ones instead.

  • ive also been looking at these shoes and deciding whether to buy them on not since i first saw them – still cant decicde! i have wide feet and dont wear heels that often so its a weigh up between the price and how much ill actually wear them!
    they look so pretty! is it just me or do these look darker than on the website – or is it just how the photos have come out?

    still gorgeous shoes!
    nicola xx

  • i have these shoes and i love them sooo much alittle bit uncomfortable and scared to wear them out because i think they might kill me alittle but i have no idea what to wear them with i also have them im lilac too 😀 vrey sexy

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