Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Leather Colorblock Wedge Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti colourblocked sandals

I figured we may as well start October – and the new season it heralds – with a big ol’ blast of colour. Well, why not? I have a tendency to retreat into darker colours in winter, but this year I’m determined to keep it colourful: anything to help stave off the winter gloom!

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll be buying these Giuseppe Zanotti platforms. They’re definitely colourful, but they’re also screaming “70s!” at me, and that’s not a word I like to hear. I’ll just be appreciating these in an abstract sense, then – and I do love the mix of bright colours, and the platyful, chunky shape: just not on me – but if you’d like to see them on your feet, rather than in these photos, you can click here to buy them from Saks, where they’re £470.


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