Ruby Shoesday # 11: 50s Inspired

(Red nautical slingbacks, last worn here; black bardot top, Oasis, about 10 years ago; capri pants, Tara Starlet; cat’s eye sunglasses, eBay)

Remember those red nautical slingbacks I wasn’t ever going to wear again, because they pinched my toes? Well, ya know. It’s not like I really needed all those toes anyway, is it?

I’m a little late with Ruby Shoesday this week because we’ve been out most of the afternoon, first picking up my in-laws from the airport, then catching up with them at home after their annual five weeks in Greece. For me, their return is always a sign that the end of summer is fast-approaching, and the weather today was appropriately gloomy and foreboding: winter’s a-comin’, folks – prepare for even more whining than usual from me!

These shoes are deceptive: every time I put them on I think, “Hey! They actually DO fit! They fit fine! Why did I think they didn’t fit?” Then, after an hour or so, my feet suddenly go numb, and I remember exactly why I never wear them. That said, they actually felt fine during the few hours I spent wearing them today, so maybe the slingback has started to stretch out or something, who knows…

I discovered this place while I was out running yesterday, and got all excited thinking I’d discovered some old ruined mansion right around the corner from home. Turns out it’s actually a FAKE ruined mansion: they discovered traces of this old house back in the 1990s, and built these fake ruins on top as a permanent reminder of it.

There’s also this little man-made hill with a viewing area and a bench at the top to let you look down on the “ruins”.

Really glad I’m not the one who has to weed all of this…

Don’t you just love discovering new things about the place you’ve lived in for the past eight years?

Happy Shoesday, everyone!

P.S. Some out-takes and extras will be up on my Facebook page soon!


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