Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 62: And it was all yellow…

What: Matalan polka dot bow shoes
When: Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Where: To my parents house for dinner
With: Mustard dress (; bow brooch and belt, no idea

TWO Shoe Challenge posts in one week?! Wow, I’m ON FIRE here, people!

Actually, I’m not really: I’m just still snowed in, and last night I discovered that my holiday next week has a good chance of being cancelled due to the Spanish air traffic control strikes, so I’m trying to distract myself with pretty shoes and dresses. Also, the Dressember challenge I’m taking part in is proving to be a good excuse to get through some more of my shoe collection as well as my dresses, so at least one good thing has come of this week!

These photos were actually taken for Dressember challenge (hence the Forever Amber watermarks), so apologies if you’re seeing them twice – I’d originally planned to wear a different pair of shoes with this dress, but figured I may as well make it a Shoe Challenge!

I bought these shoes in Matalan a couple of years ago: I think they were about £12, but I wear them a lot – they’re one of those dull-buy-useful styles which are so easy to throw on with anything. And they have dots and bows, so obviously they’d appeal to me. Of course, they’re not exactly the most practical footwear for the snow: most of our paths have been cleared now, though, and I’ll just be going from doorstep-car-doorstep today, so I should be fine. I’m putting my rubber boots in the car just in case, though!

I’m also just about to go and throw a cardigan over the top of this dress: elbow-length sleeves just don’t cut it in this weather!

Don’t worry, I don’t walk around like this in the snow, either: these were taken in the back garden, just to try and get some natural light – I was only outside for long enough to snap a few photos then run back in!

Bows make everything better…

Well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you a bit of a twirl, would I?


  • Wow, amazinga and corageous – although I read it was only for some photos, it was still cold outside those minutes, anyway! Fantastic dress, fantastic, I loooved it, and the shoes are also beautiful! Ah, and I knew PinupGirl Couture (from the other post), but as Clothing – is it the same? Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    • Yes, it’s the same company that makes the shoes: I would spend all my money on their website if I possibly could! Hope you’re having a good weekend too 🙂

  • You look stunning as always… the yellow is a great colour on you and your hair looks lovely. Although the snow in the background does make me shudder slightly. I share your hatred for the cold! x

  • Be prepared for an onslaught of comments as I catch up after my holiday.

    I am jealous of your ability to wear that colour. It makes me look like I am terminally ill. Those shoes are cute too!

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