Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 61: Dressing for Dinner

What: Faith Leopard print pumps
When: Friday, December 3rd, 2010
With: Green dress, Pinup Couture
Where: Date night and Dressember challenge

Well, the snow hasn’t shifted even a little bit, but our date night tradition lives on: we’ve kind of got out of the habit of dressing for dinner over the past few weeks, but as we’re stuck in the house with nothing better to do, we figured we may as well make an occasion of it!

I still miss Faith. I also still maintain that leopard print shoes go with almost everything.

Only three photos today: the light inside the house is so bad at this time of year that it’s really hard to get a decent shot, and these shoes wouldn’t last two minutes in the snow. Ah well, roll on next week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  • Love your dress! PinupGirl Couture is so great… If I had the money, I would buy every single dress they sell 😀

  • You look very stunning in that dress! I love the collar and the belted waist but more importantly I love how you paired the animal print heels with it…they look great! xoxo

  • Whether it’s the lighting or an effect, you have a great vintage finish to those shots, really highlighting the dress and shoes. Animal prints aren’t my thing, but you wear them with aplomb. Lovely.

  • Same for me, I second Tracey’s comment – didn’t know about PinupGirl Couture! You look fabulous and the dress is a dream – I loved the shoes as well, of course! I had some similar ones which were stolen (believe it or not!!!) and I bought a similar pair which I still didn’t wear… it’s in the other flat now, will see them again in February… I always swear I will wear them one day, I will, I swear again! So, it was nice seeing you with these lovely shoes now, to refresh my memory!
    Let’s see now if PinupGirl Couture will bankrupt me… thanks for the suggestion! And hope you had some sun over the weekend!

  • Thanks for the comments, everyone! Those of you who mentioned PinUp Couture – I’ve actually featured their shoes a few times here: they’re well worth a look, some gorgeous styles, and not too expensive, although if you’re not in the US, look out for the shipping and customs charges: I’ve been stung a couple of times!

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