Ruthie Davis Cutout-Heel Pointed-Toe Pumps

Ruthie Davis gold shoes with cutout heels
I’ve said before that when it comes to heels, I’m a simple kinda girl. In fact, when it comes to just about everything, I’m a simple kind of girl. Lately I’ve been dipping my toe into the waters of the pin heel, which I’d previously always hated, but which I’ve now come around to, but that’s really about as adventurous as it gets for me, I’m afraid.

These gold and coral Ruthie Davis pumps don’t do anything to sway me from that stance, and I think they’d look a whole lot better with a plain gold heel, rather than this cut-out metal one, which is just a little fussy for my tastes. I have to give these credit for being different, though, and I know some of my readers enjoy the odd fancy heel, so here they are. What do you think of them?

(These are $878 at Neiman Marcus. Wow.)


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