Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Corafront Flat Patent Heart Pumps

 Christian Louboutin Corafront Flat Patent Heart Pumps

Christian Louboutin Corafront Flat Patent Heart Pumps, £425

I know I showed you Christian Louboutin’s ‘Cora’ heels just a few weeks ago, but I didn’t show you the flat version, and that’s enough of a reason for me to make them this week’s Friday Fix. Well, that and the fact that I pride myself on never letting a shoe with a heart get past my radar. And it IS almost Valentine’s day, after all…

Speaking of Valentines day, if you feel like dropping any heart-related hints, Christian Louboutin has really gone to town on the heat theme this year, and in addition to the heels, the flats, and the sandals (Which I also featured back in December), there’s also a matching handbag:

 Christian Louboutin Corafront Flat Patent Heart Pumps

Oh, and a white, mid-heeled version, which have “buy me and wear them to your wedding” written all over them…

white heart front pumps by Christian Louboutin

Honestly, if were a rich shoeperhero, I’d buy them all (yes, even the white ones), if only just to look at them. I’m not, though, so, as much as I like the flats, and think they’d make a much more fun alternative to the standard black pump, the fact that they’re the same price as the heels makes my (imaginary) choice an easy one. There aren’t many pairs of flats I’d be willing to pay £425 for, so the heeled version gets my vote – not that it’s a decision I’m likely to have to make in real life anytime soon!

As I said, I think the red/white colourway would make wonderful bridal shoes, but the black and red is also spectacular, and makes for a wonderfully whimsical twist on a classic shoe. Now, let’s just hope this heart-obsession continues: I can’t wait to see what M. Louboutin comes up with next!

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  • Haven’t been on here in ages and must say, missed all the fun shoes. I loves these (anything with a heart on it and I’m sold, though not literally, hello price tag, more in-my-dreams sold). I like the flats (and would probably get more wear out of them) but agree that since they are the same price as the heels, if I could afford them, I’d go for the heels too. But besides these and Melissa heart Lady Dragon shoes, in the imaginary land of shoes I would buy, the Moschino heart pumps are on the top on my list. Those shoes were just amazing. 🙂

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