Shoe of the Day | Schuh ‘All That Jazz’ polka dot bow pumps

Schuh All That Jazz polka dot bow heels

Schuh ‘All That Jazz’ polka dot bow pumps, £35

When a pair of shoes contains spots, stripes AND bows, it’s normally a guaranteed recipe for Shoe Kryptonite – and when the shoe in question costs a mere £35, it’s normally on its way to my shoe shelves by the the time I’ve finished writing about it.

Well, these shoes won’t be joining their spotty/stripey sisters on my shelves, because, despite the affordable price tag and admirable pattern mixing, these aren’t quite “me”: in fact, I think the low heel, rounded toe and ankle strap all combine to makes them just a little bit twee which would, in turn, make them slightly tricky to style. Or they would be for me, anyway: if you have the kind of style that would allow you to pull these off, however, they might just be the most fabulous things ever – with the added bonus of a low heel, which should make them easy to walk in. (Or to dance in even: the name and shape of these definitely brings to mind a pair of old-fashioned dance shoes!)

outfit featuring spots, stripes and bows

skirt / top / glasses / bag

If I were to wear these personally, I’d probably go for something in plain black, allowing the shoes to be the focal point of the outfit. Just for fun, however, the outfit I’ve put together here is a little more bold, and continues the pattern-mixing evident on the upper with a stripe top and polka dot bag. One thing’s for sure: no matter how you choose to style them, these shoes have tons of personality, and are a great way to cheer up a dull Monday morning in February. How would you wear them – assuming you would?

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