Viktor & Rolf nude and white bow sandal

Viktor & Rolf nude and white bow sandals Viktor & Rolf nude and white bow sandals

Viktor & Rolf nude and white bow sandals, £325

These sandals are past-season, but there’s still a good selection of sizes available, and they’re also available in a hot pink upper, which I liked almost as much as the white/nude one I’ve featured here. Oh, and they’re on sale, although not by much: £325 is still rather expensive for many of us, but pretty much in line with what you’d expect from Viktor & Rolf.

The shoe itself is also pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this brand. The curvy heel in particular is very characteristic of Victor & Rolf designs, as is the little bow at the ankle strap. What I like most about these, however, is the colour scheme. Nude and white is such a classic, sophisticated combination, and the gold hardware is the perfect compliment to it. For some reason I think the buckles on the front give these an almost nautical feel, which makes them perfect for a dressed-up summer day or evening.

What to wear with nude and white sandals?

what to wear with white sandals

What to wear with Viktor & Rold’s nude and white strappy sandals:

dress // bag // sunglasses // watch

I thought a sophisticated shoe deserved to be worn with an equally sophisticated outfit. These would go with most colours, but bright white is the obvious choice, and I’ve accessorized with equally neutral colours for a pale-and-interesting look. This might be TOO pale for some tastes, but as I said, these are two colours that will work with everything, so it would be easy enough to add in some bright accessories, or simply switch this white dress for a colourful or printed one instead. I can imagine wearing this on a warm summer evening, to a waterside restaurant, in some wonderful and far-flung location: I can but dream!

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