Taylor Says ‘Dottie’ polka dot platform pumps

polka dot platform shoes printed sole on shoe

Taylor Says ‘Dottie;‘, $149.99

As much as I love polka dots – and I think most of my regular readers know by now that I love polka dots A LOT – these ones a bit much, even for me. When I wrote about Taylor Says last week, I described the designs as “bold”: this one is bold almost to the point of being cartoonish, and although that makes them fabulous to look at, I do think it would make them a little tricky to actually wear.

These could also be literally hard to wear: the heel is almost 6″, although it IS balanced out by a hidden platform, so it won’t feel quite as high. I think the sheer height of these is actually part of the problem: on a lower shoe, you might just be able to get away with the print, but on a chunky platform it’s very OTT. Mind you, that could be a good thing, depending on your taste, which is why I’m showing you these anyway. Well, that, the patterned sole, and the fact that a red heel combined with a black and white polka print is cone of my favourite looks, so even although I wouldn’t wear these personally, I still think they’re pretty fabulous.

So, how WOULD you wear a shoe like this? By keeping the rest of the look super-simple, of course:

little black dress

What to wear with crazy shoes:

dress // bag // lipstick // nail polish 

A little black dress is a failsafe way to work a pair of crazy shoes into your outfit, and I liked the fact that the slightly exaggerated silhouette of this one matches the exaggerated nature of the shoes. It’s still cartoonish, but hopefully more “Jessica Rabbit” than “Minnie Mouse”. I’d also consider wearing these with something equally simple, like black trousers or a pair of jeans: and for once, I’d avoid wearing anything with polka dots!

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