Carvela ‘Granted’ grey/yellow polka dot platforms

Carvela granted

Carvela ‘Granted’ grey/yellow polka dot platforms, £69

Looking at these shoes, it suddenly occurred  to me that I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of platforms. I wouldn’t say my taste has changed, exactly (I still almost exclusively wear heels, in styles that are best described as “girlie”)  and I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as “fashionable”: I’ve never really cared much about whether the styles I liked were “in fashion” or not, and I’m not about to start now. My taste is certainly influenced by fashion, however, and while a few years ago, many of my shoes had giant platforms, these days hardly any of them do. That’s not because I want to follow trends, it’s just because when a particular style becomes fashionable, your eye gradually adjusts to it, and it starts to become the “norm” – making the styles it’s replacing start to feel dated. Which is what I think happened between me and platforms.

Despite all of that, however, these Carvela pumps still somehow managed to grab me. They have a much higher platform than I’d generally consider these days, but the uppers are just so much fun that I don’t mind it nearly as much as I might have on another shoe. I really like the combination of grey and bright yellow on the print: I have a pair of peep toes in this same colourway, and I find them surprisingly versatile, so I’m thinking that could be the case with these shoes, too. Overall, there’s just something very refreshing about them, and the fact that they’re currently on sale doesn’t hurt either!

What to wear with these shoes?

what to wear with grey and yellow shoes

dress // bag // earrings  // bracelet // nail polish // lipgloss 

This outfit was in danger of being a bit too “fifty shades of grey”, so I added some turquoise accents to brighten it up a little. Turquoise and yellow is a combination I’ve worn before, and really liked, so I’m sure it’s something I’d try again, if I owned these shoes!


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