Shoe Kryptonite | Topshop Gingham Court Shoes with Bow

Topshop blue gingham court shoes with bow Topshop gingham high heel shoes

Topshop gingham bow court shoes

Topshop Gingham court shoes with bow, £58

So, guess what I bought yesterday morning, mere minutes after loading up the Topshop website for my usual morning browse?

Did you guess, “these amazing gingham court shoes”? Of course you did. And you’re absolutely right, too: these are so perfect they might almost have been made for me, and the second I laid eyes on them, I knew I’d met my Kryptonite. My blue, gingham Kryptonite. With a bow on top.

In my defence, I know you probably would’t expect it of me, but I’m not normally quite so impulsive when it comes to buying shoes – or anything else for that matter. Actually, it can take days – or even weeks – of indecision, during which I go back and forth on whether or not to buy the item, wondering what I’d wear with it, how OFTEN I’d wear it, and whether there might be something EVEN BETTER out there, which I’ll only discover the second I’ve committed myself to the purchase. (That last point is the main reason for my indecisiveness: there’s always that thought that you might buy ONE pair of shoes, only to find an even nicer pair just a few days later, isn’t there?)

Every so often, however, there comes a pair of shoes that I just HAVE TO HAVE. A pair of shoes that I look at, and know instantly that I’ll regret not buying. A case of Shoe Kryptonite, in other words. I’ve always been of the opinion that when that happens, if you have the means to buy them (And ONLY if you have the means to buy them: I’m not advocating starving yourself for shoes, or anything like that…), you probably should. Because if these gingham court shoes had sold out in my size before I’d managed to get my hands on a pair, I know I’d have had to spend the rest of my life searching for them, and that knowledge was enough to persuade me to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Of course, that was yesterday. The shoes haven’t actually arrived yet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they fit. In the meantime, here’s the kind of outfit I’d like to wear with them: and honestly, if the skirt hadn’t been sold out in my size, there’s a good chance it might’ve found its way into my shopping basket, too…

what to wear with blue gingham shoes

What to wear with gingham court shoes:

skirt // gingham top // cardigan // book clutch // bracelet

P.S. These are also available in black . I’ve managed to resist – so far – but if they decide to release a red version, I wont be responsible for my actions.

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