POLL: Heels or Flats?

heels or flats?

I’m a heels girl, always have been. It’s not that I don’t LIKE flats – on the contrary, I have quite the collection of them, and have been wearing them more than ever recently. As much as I love my heels, I’m no longer the type to insist on wearing them at all times, regardless of whether or not they’re appropriate (I say “no longer”: when I was a little bit younger, it was a whole different story!), so I try to make sure my heel height is right for the occasion, for the type of ground I’ll be walking over, and for the outfit I’ll be wearing.

When you get right down to it, however, my heart has always belonged to heels: the higher, the better. I will wear flats – or lower heels – when I have to, but while I don’t dislike them, they’d never be my first choice of footwear, and I don’t get excited by them, the way I do over an amazing pair of heels.

While some people share this love, however, I know there are just as many who are completely perplexed by it, and who can’t for the life of themselves understand the appeal of shoes that force you to effectively balance on your tip-toes all day long.

I think the reasons WHY I love high heels is another topic for another post, but today I wanted to take a quick straw poll and see how everyone else feels. Are you a heels girls, or a flats lover? Are you never seen without your trusty stilettos, or are you never seen WITH them? Maybe you fall somewhere in between, mixing the two different styles, or opting for mid-height heels instead. Whatever your preferred shoe style, I’d love to hear about it, so place your vote in the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment too, if you’d like to say a little more about your choice!

POLL: Heels or flats – what’s your shoe style?

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  • I love heels but I just can’t wear them all day any more. Yesterday I wore my red patent leather wedges and brought my red ballet flats to walk around the office.

  • I’m a flats chick. I adore shoes, I melt when I see a lovely pair of ultra high heels (I actually went nuts and walked out of a store with 3 pairs of high heels that were on sale earlier this year).

    But the thing is, I don’t really go anywhere that requires me to wear heels. I’m a very much home-ly person, and when I go out to the mall or something (not much to do around here), I know I’m gonna be walking a bit and I CANNOT stand to wear heels for that!

    That said, whenever I have a fancy family gathering, or party or whatever ocassion that gives me the opportunity to wear heels without looking over-dressed, I take it (as long as I know I won’t be walking too much lol)!

    But yeah, I’m a flats chick.

    • Xony, my point exactly.
      I live in a city that has A LOT of cobblestone streets, and at work I have to stand or walk the whole time. This means flat shoes.
      I love looking at high heels, and sometimes I am tempted to buy some, too. But then I think of the three or four pairs I already have that never get worn, and I restrain myself.

  • I can see the poll but I can’t click on anything.

    (I’m a flats girl. I love heels but they always hurt my feet after a few hours.)

  • I love both, depending on the occasion and how my feet are feeling. I think heels are usually more beautiful than flats (and sometimes even more comfortable!) but other days, only flats will do!

  • I have always been a flats girl even after recently trying to make a transition to heels. I really LOVE the look of heels, and I am still trying to get myself to like them on me, but not with much luck. But I will gladly look and and even try some on now and again. 🙂

  • Love heels but can’t walk in them – think I need to practice round my room! Also sometimes feels a bit too dressed up to wear heels all the time, like for work
    Haven’t found enough places that do wide fit either (any tips!!). New look are good but don’t do loads!
    Nicola xx

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