When do you break out the winter boots?

winter boots

We already have the Friday Louboutin Fix, but this week I thought I’d start another Friday tradition, of a weekly discussion topic about shoes – basically an easy way to wind down for the weekend!

This week’s topic: winter boots, and when you start wearing them.

Now, as some of you will have seen from my most recent shoe saves, I’ve been forced to break out the boots for the first time within the last couple of weeks. I have a bit of a strange, self-imposed rule about boots (and tights, for that matter), though, which is that I absolutely refuse to wear them before October, which is when I consider autumn to have “officially” begun. Even on the coldest spring/summer days, I will not wear boots, and will find some other way to keep warm instead.

Now, I must stress here that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing boots in summer: absolutely not. Actually, where I live, fashion is pretty season-less: it’s very common to see people walking around in boots and coats in July (and also very common to see people out in t-shirts in the height of winter), so I don’t think anything of it when other people wear their “winter” clothes all year round: I just can’t bring myself to do it myself, even although I firmly believe that it’s much more sensible to dress for the weather, not the calendar. (What can I say: I’ve never claimed to be “sensible”?)

What about you? I know my Southern-hemisphere readers are headed into summer right now, so are obviously not getting their boots out, but what about the rest of you? Have you made the switch, or are you still busy saving the last of the summer shoes?


  • I consider boots to be fairly seasonless. That said, aside from my most professional boots and ankle boots, most of them really don’t see use or love until late October through late March, because the rest of the time it’s just too blasted hot for boots. When it gets chilly enough that I actually need a jacket outside of the air conditioning is roughly when I break out the boots.
    The ones I consider to be seasonal are my summer shoes- sandals and open toe shoes. With a few exceptions (peep toes with closed sides), the summer shoes get put away with the rest of the summer clothes, usually far earlier in October than I should.

  • My answer to the question above is: “Just yesterday.”
    Seriously, the temperature had dropped to 2 °C, and at that point it’s bye-bye to all my “normal” shoes.
    So far I’ve only worn my plush-lined winter Chucks, but it was a good decision. 🙂

    I don’t have a fixed date from which on I will wear winter clothes and boots, to me it depends on the weather and temperature. There were winters when I never got my boots out, but kept wearing regular sneakers until the next spring. In other years I wore nothing but boots from November until February.
    I’d like to add that I’m talking about the warm plush/sheepskin-lined ones here. I do have other boots that are either not lined at all or only have a thin lining, which I consider to be more or less “transitional”.

  • Oh…I answered this the other day and it’s disappeared!
    Boots are an absolute last resort for me, if there are pretty shoes or sandals that will do the job I’ll definitely wear those first! Here in Melbourne, despite being one of the coldest cities in Australia it’s still pretty mild by European standards so really I don’t start worrying about boots until late April or May, and tend to ditch them by the end of August or early September. It’s going to be 26 degrees here in Melbourne and 30 for the next few days after today so no boots in sight for me!

  • I only wear boots in winter, but don’t have a specific time of year to bring them out. If it’s a cold day, I will wear them.

  • Here in Spain two weeks ago was still hot. But this week we’ve gone completely in the fall, and we got our coats and boots. In Madrid the autumn and winter is very cold but clear skies and sunshine. It’s nice.

  • I succumbed to boots a few weeks back. Now That I’m safe in the knowledge I’ll be living in them for the next few months I’ve become obsessed and suddenly feel the need to buy at least 10 new pairs!

  • I’m often too disorganised of a morning to grab anything other than what I wore the say before (and the day before that), so I basically wear knee high boots all of the time. And to when I don’t, I feel like like lower legs are naked. And that feels weird after a while.

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