Celebrity Shoe Spotting: Alexandra Richards in Chanel’s flower-front wooden platforms S/S 2010

Alexandra Richards in Chanel

I must admit, I wouldn’t recognise Alexandra Richards if she fell on me (she’s the daughter of Keith Richards, if you were similarly in the dark), but I DID recognise the shoes she wore to the Tribeca Film Festival Dinner last night – although given that the evening was hosted by Chanel, it’s perhaps not a huge surprise that so many of the guests were dressed in the brand!

These are the flower-front wooden platforms from the S/S 2010 collection,  and I’m guessing they were borrowed for the occasion, as are so many of the shoes we see on the red carpet,  which would account for the gape at the back of the heel. It must be so frustrating to get to wear fabulous shoes for free, only to find that they’re ALWAYS the wrong size, but ah well, first world problems…

What does everyone think of these? Take a look under the jump to see what Alexandra wore with them.

alexandra richards in chanel


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