Eiffel Towel sandals by Mugnai

Eiffel Tower heels

Well, everyone loves Paris, don’t they?

Do you love it enough to want to wear its most famous landmark on your feet, though? Well, although Mugnai’s La Sandale Eiffel does appear on the brand’s website, I couldn’t seem to find a link to buy it. Worry not, though: if, like me, you’re thinking the front of the shoe is pretty fabulous, even if the heel has most definitely crossed the border into “Novelty Shoe” country, I did find these, which have a similarly shaped bow, but with a more regular heel:

bow shoes

I absolutely LOVE these, and would snap them up in a second, if I happened to have a spare 229 euros lying around. If you would too, you can click here to buy yourself a pair: lucky old you!



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