Bottega Veneta multistrap runway sandals

Bottega Veneta runway sandals

They’re colourblocked. (Or what used to simply be known as “multicoloured” before that particular terms came along. Doesn’t sound quite so “edgy, though, huh?) And they’re very strappy sandals, which would expose most of the foot, and require some serious attention to the ol’ pedicure.

Despite those two points, there’s something really pleasing to the eye (by which I mean “MY eye” about these”) and I’m particularly liking the colour combination: when Shoeperman and I first started our business, these particular shades of blue and red made up the logo, so every time I see those colours together, I’m kind of pre-disposed to like them. Add the bright yellow on the toe, and I’m more or less sold – or, at least, I WOULD be if they weren’t £533.

These are by Bottega Veneta, and you can click here to buy them from Intermix.


  • LOOOOVE. The heel is weirding me out a bit – curved heels always make me think they’re gonna snap – but I love the straps and the colors. They are so summery! And there’s a blizzard outside!

  • At first I thought it said running shoes and I wondered if you’d finally snapped. But once again, not quite enough shoe here to justify the price.

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