Nicholas Kirkwood rose-embellished suede sandals


nicholas kirkwood

Rose-embellished suede sandals

Nicholas Kirkwood Rose-embellished suede sandals

Nicholas Kirkwood rose-embellished suede sandals, $1,295

I bookmarked these sandals to show you last week, but at some point in the few hours between me finding them and sitting down to write about them, they’d completely sold out. I guess I wasn’t the only one who liked them, huh?

These are a lot less controversial than last week’s ruffle heels by the same designer, being a much more conventional kind of shape. They may not be quite as fashion-forward as the previous pair, however, but they’re definitely far from boring: both the giant rose embellishment on the toe, and the slender chains snaking their way up the ankle, help see to that.

Despite the size of the embellishment, these shoes have a very delicate kind of beauty, and are designed to create a “barely there” effect when worn, with just the rose and strap on show. As visually stunning as they are, though, that “almost invisible” effect makes me curious about how easy they’d be to actually wear: the gold ankle straps appear to be purely decorative, and don’t look like they’d be much use in actually anchoring the shoe to the foot. This, of course, is purely conjecture on my part, and these aren’t exactly the kind of shoes you’d want to walk miles in anyway, so I’m sure they’d function perfectly well in a “car to bar” kind of capacity.

At $1,295, that’s not a theory I’m going to be putting to the test myself, but if you fancy a pair of these, they’re now back in stock in all sizes: or at least, they WERE at the time of writing: I offer no guarantees beyond that!

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