Opening Ceremony bow front suede shoe boots

Opening Ceremony isn’t a brand I could claim to be particularly fond of: a disproportionate amount of their shoes could be described using the word “clumpy”, and I’m not totally sure these suede shoe boots don’t fall into that category too.

These do have a couple of points in their favour, however. One is the colour, which is glorious. The other is those haphazard looking bows, the placement of which stops them looking too twee, and makes the overall look a little more interesting.

Are those points enough to make up for the fact that these are, essentially, peep-toe boots? I really think these are the kind of shoes I’d need to see someone wearing in order to know how I really feel about them, but I’m not discounting them out of hand. If you’re not either, they’re available at Far Fetch, where they’re £280.


  • Hi there !!!

    I’m just posting because I really have to tell you that I ADORE this page !!!

    I’m from Monterrey, a city located in the north of Mexico, almost in the borderline with the USA.

    Last weekend I was supposed to be working, buth somehow I was looking for comments on Loubutin’s shoes (since this label is FINNALLY available in my city !!!), and I needed som kind of guidance about its price in other places.

    Thanx for making this awasome blog.

    I must tell you that I love extremely high heels, and most of my shoes are from Bakers and Steve Madden, but I’ve been saving in order to become a Loubutin’s girl.

    Please please, continue with your amazing search int the fabulous world of shoes.


    your mexican fan !!!!

  • by the way

    sorry for having written Loubutin, instead of Louboutin

    my mistake !!!!!!

    what a shame


  • I like them. Well, I don’t know about the heel myself, I don’t think it’s clunky per se but I don’t like that type of wood with the suede…I dunno if pink suede bows really can go with a thick heel. I like OC’s shoes because they do tend to be clunky (ie easier to walk in) but I agree sometimes they are kinda pushing it!

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