Menbur ‘Hermon S’ peep toe bow shoes

silver high heel shoes with peep toe and bow

Menbur silver peep toes, £86

I became the proud owner of a pair of Menbur peep toes last year, and I love them so much I’ve been keeping an eye on the brand ever since. Although many of the styles fall very much into the evening/special event category, and these could easily be described that way too, they also make the occasional shoe that could be dressed down just a little, and I think these ones fall into that category. No, they’ll never be exactly what you’d call “casual”, but they don’t scream “bridesmaid” either, like some of the styles from this brand, so I think they could end up being fairly versatile.

I’ve always been a big fan of metallics, and would’t consider my shoe shelves complete without at least a small dose of silver or gold, to go with most outfits, and give an injection of glamour to whatever they’re worn with. These come in both colours: I normally prefer gold, as I think it suits my style/colouring better, but something about this silver/pewter (Or, as Menbur describe it, “lavender”) version is calling out to me.

It’s hard to go wrong with the good ol’ bow peep toe, and at £86 these aren’t too hideously expensive either: it’s just a matter of picking your colour!

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