ASOS Polly floral print pumps with pointed toe

floral print shoes

ASOS ‘Polly’, £45

I don’t expect anyone’s surprised to see floral print shoes starting to creep into the “new in” sections of many of the fashion websites: it IS almost spring here in the Northern hemisphere after all, not that you’d necessarily know it from the weather!

Florals may be very predictable for this time of year, but these ones are, at least, attached to a slightly different type of shoe than the styles I for one normally associate with this print. The pointed toe and triangular heel give these a contemporary feel, which contrasts nicely with the old-fashioned (or, at least, I always think of it as “old fashioned”: in a nice way, though!) feel of the print.

These are a bit different from the kind of thing I usually wear, but I actually quite like them, and think they could be an interesting way to finish off an outfit. I especially appreciate the fact that they use a summery print on a closed-toe: let’s face it, we can’t always depend on summery temperatures here in the UK, so it’s good to have some options that won’t freeze our toes off!

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  • I’m not a big fan of them (I don’t like the shape of the heel) but I agree there needs to be more summery shoes with closed toes. I live in Canada so I know what you mean about the weather. Much of the time open-toed shoes are really not an option.

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