Chokers colourblock suede effect platform shoes

Sometimes, just to pass the time, I like to play a little game with myself, in which I look at a particular website and try to decide which shoe I’d buy from it, assuming I HAD to buy one.

In this case, I think I’d find it really hard to choose between the various options of these colourblock pumps from Chockers. I mean, the blue upper/pink sole is very “shoeperhero”, isn’t it? But then, the reverse of that colourway is just as nice. The pink-on-pink, meanwhile, makes me think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and, of course, green is my favourite colour.

Oh, and just to make it even harder, there’s a neutral version, too. Oh, dear.

Which would you choose, if any?

(These are £35. Click here to buy them.)


  • For a month I was trying to decide which pair to buy, because I loved all of them – but then I decided not to buy any. I will go to a small city in the UK, and even someone “like me” gets shy sometimes… I thought I wouldn’t have the courage to wear so bright colors, when mixed… nevertheless, I loooooved them ALL!

  • Oh god, too many prettyful options!

    But if I had to, IF I HAD TO, choose, I would go for the blue uppers. I’m not much of a pink kinda girl so prefer to limit that, and ultimately the blue would work better with my wardrobe than the green. Although I am still dying to get my hands on some green heels. Come on NZ eBay, step it up!

  • If I had to choose, I would go with the blue uppers/pink sole too. I prefer it from the opposite, and I didn’t like the others so much! The green one looks a little bit “heavy”, like it’s velvet and not suede…And the other is too simple.

  • I would absolutely take the pink on pink ones! They’re adorable and really do look like from Legally Blonde. They would be the perfect fit for me since I love pink – one of my friends even calls me “Barbie” as nickname…

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