River Island black embellished sock boots

black embellished sock boots

Black embellished sock boots, £85

I’ve shown you a few pairs of party shoes today, so here’s a pair of party BOOTS, just for a change.

Now, boots aren’t something I would generally think of wearing as evening-wear, but I actually think these could work, and could make an interesting alternative to the traditional peep toe or sandal. Because of the stretchy nature of the uppers, these will hug close to the foot and ankle, creating a nice, streamlined look, which I think would work well with black tights, with the sparkly embroidery standing out nicely. Why wear boots rather than shoes, though? Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but my experience is that high-heeled boots are generally more comfortable, and easier to walk in, than high-heeled shoes, and the fact that these will cover so much more of you feet and ankles will make them a much warmer option too, which you might be grateful for if you have to brave the elements to get to your party venue.

A much more modern take on a glammed-up evening look, I think these could be a lot of fun, and at least they’re something a little bit different, too,

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