Miu Miu curve heel glitter pumps

Miu Miu is a brand I’ve always associated with amazing, glitter-covered shoes, but these ones stand out even for them: in fact, the glitter almost pales into insignificance next to that curved heel!

There are a few different variations of this style available as part of the Fall 2011 collection, and for some reason, none of them look quite “real” to me: I think the combination of the heel shape and high vamp makes them look almost like sculptures or toys, and the shoe on the right of the image also reminds me very much of shoes from a couple of centuries ago, which I’ve occasionally seen on display in museums and suchlike. (Minus the glitter, obviously.)

Like the heel, but prefer an ankle boot? Don’t worry, Miu Miu can help you out with that, too:

So there’s a curve-heeled Miu Miu for every occasion, basically. Or for every occassion tha requires you to wear glitter on your feet, anyway.

What do you think of them, though?

All of these styles are available at Saks: click here to take a look.


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