Alexander McQueen Crystal & Crochet Suede Pumps

Alexander McQueen crystal pumps

Alexander McQueen crystal pumps, £685

These shoes are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. You all know what that means, don’t you? Yes, it means the price tag is likely to make you:

a) cry.

b) wonder if it’s possible to take out insurance for a pair of shoes.

Actually, at £685, these are slightly LESS expensive than I’d have estimated. Don’t get me wrong: they’re still the kind of investment purchase most of us would require one helluva justification for (A wedding, maybe? Or a meeting with the Queen?), but the addition of Swarovski crystals has a tendency to push shoes well over the £1,000 mark, so at least these are a little bit less than that.

Hiding underneath all those crystals is a black suede upper, supported by a 4.5″ silver leather heel. These have a very luxe feel to them (A crystal coating will do that for a shoe), but the delicate pattern and classic shape prevents them from looking gaudy, as can often be the case when shoes come into contact with THIS may crystals.

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