Finsk ‘Future Now’ super-high wedge platform sandals

It was Tali of Fetishist’s Notes who drew these shoes to my attention, and I’m really glad she did, because these have to be the most amazing shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

Of course, I’m using the word “amazing” here in the sense of “amazing to look at”, rather than “amazing to own and wear”. When I clicked through to the Solestruck website, I was surprised to find that these were actually available to buy, because generally when you see shoes like these, they’re a one-off, custom-made design created purely for the catwalk, or for an art exhibition… or for Lady Gaga.

But no, you, too, can buy these shoes, and if you do, you’ll get to find out what it’s like to balance atop that 6.5″ platform (which Solestruck say you CAN walk in). Sure, you’ll have to pay $1000 for the privilege, but as I said to Tali, if I had the opportunity to try these on (for free, naturally), I’d definitely take it!

Would you take it, too? Is it worth $1,000 to you? If so, click here to buy these from Solestruck.


  • wow thanks for mentioning me Amber)) I was absolutely stunned by them because the Solestruck people said these shoes are walkable and that they always test-run shoes they sell. Too bad they didn’t feature a video of this test))
    As much as I love crazy shoes, these are bit too crazy for me) I can really see myself breaking a medical insurance company would not be happy))
    but wait.. 1000$??? wow.

  • Beuatiful and wearable without the platform. They reminded me of the shoes in A Destiny of Her Own movie… well, I don’t even have to think whether I could or not walk wearing them – at the price of $1000… no!

  • These are fantastic, and I’d probably try them on given the chance, but no way would I buy them to wear. To display, maybe, if I had a thousand dollars and nothing else to spend it on. Sadly, there’s always somewhere else that money needs to go…

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