Charlotte Olympia Kitty embroidered velvet pumps

Charlotte Olympia Kitty embroidered velvet pumps

Charlotte Olympia Kitty embroidered velvet pumps, $695

Yesterday I talked about how shoes with lips have been making frequent appearances on retailers’ shelves this year, and another look that falls into that category is the shoe with a face – and an animal face, in particular. I will probably always blame Marc Jacobs and his famous mouse flats for this, but Charlotte Olympia is no stranger to the face-shoe either, and here’s another version of her ‘Kitty’ embroidered pumps to prove it.

Now, I’ve said in the past that I’m not the biggest fan of faces on shoes. I’m now going to demonstrate how fickle I can be by telling you that I actually really like these ones. Yes, even though they look a bit (OK, a LOT) like high-heeled slippers. And yes, even although it would be impossible to wear them without people constantly pointing out that oh, look, your shoes look like cats!

I think the navy velvet upper and classic shape is what makes me like these more than I would have expected to: it makes them a little less twee than would otherwise have been the case, so these end up more whimsical than “crazy cat lady”. Or maybe I just AM a crazy cat lady, and that’s why I suddenly like them, when I’ve previously never really been particularly keen on them. I’m not going to deny it…

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  • I like them, but I’ve always liked the face shoes, and a pair of spiky loafers are on the top of my wish list at the moment..

  • I like the idea of these too, and I have to admit to being a fan of animal-face shoes. I’d like these more if the cat face was a bit cuter, though – it looks a little bit creepy to me!

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