Shoe Kryptonite |Alice + Olivia ‘Gigi’ heart print peep toes

Alice + Olivia Gigi heart print shoes

Alice + Olivia ‘Gigi, £190

Heart print – or just hearts in general – is pure Kryptonite to me, so as soon as I saw these Alice + Olivia ‘Gigi’ pumps, I knew I’d identified at least one of this year’s shoe obsessions. These are just the perfect summer sandals, as afar as I’m concerned: from the cool canvas uppers (Sure, leather would be more durable, but it would probably also be more expensive, and canvas is a lot more breathable on a hot day) to the gathered detail on the toe, and, of course, the heart print uppers, I just love everything about them.

A lot of my love for these comes from the pin-up inspired print: hearts always create a vaguely retro feel, and as that’s my preferred style of dress, these are even more lethal to me (or to my bank account) than they might be for the rest of you: in fact, I’ve already thought of multiple different outfits I’d be able to wear with them during the summer! As I’ve mentioned before, Alice + Olivia was one of my favourite brands of 2013, and if these are anything to go by, that looks set to continue for 2014, too.

How would you wear Alice + Olivi’s ‘Gigi’ pumps? 

I didn’t have to think very hard about this one: as I said, these would work really well with lots of the items I already own, and would be the perfect shoes for a retro-inspired look. I JUST managed to resist pairing them with some kind of heart-print top, but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist the sunglasses! This is the kind of outfit I’d wear with these, but I’d love to hear how you’d style them, too!

what to wear with heart print shoes

What to wear with heart print shoes:


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