DSquared2 silver and gold glitter ankle strap sandals

DSquared2 silver glitter sandals

bow toe shoe

DSquared2 sandals, £215

These shoes may look like WAY too much in the photos, and to be perfectly honest, they’d probably be way too much in person, too. All the same, something about them tells me that if I were to come across them sitting on a shelf somewhere, I’d be all over them, and would probably put them on and parade around the store feeling like a (very glittery) princess. I think it’s the toe that does it: that caged front, topped with the multi-strand bow is totally over-the-top, but I kind of love it in spite of myself.

I found these at Yoox.com, so they’re older stock, and therefore not available in all sizes. There’s still a good few pairs left, though (which is possibly an indication that not many people were willing to try and wear them!), and they’re also available in black, if all that gold n’ glitter is too much for you.

Speaking of “too much”: as far as styling these goes, you have two options. You can either go big, and play them up with the most outrageously OTT outfit you can find. Or you can do what I’ve done, and play it safe, with the shoes stealing all the attention as part of a much more toned-down look:

what to wear with OTT shoes

What to wear with OTT shoes:


  • I love the part at the toes with the bows and the gold stripes, but the glittery back part clashes. I think these would have been so gorgeous if the back piece was a solid colour, maybe black.

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