Alexander McQueen baby blue suede pointed pumps

baby blue pointed toe pumps by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen baby blue suede pointed pumps, $675

If ever there were two words guaranteed to get my attention when used together in a sentence – or in a product description, rather  – the words “baby” and “blue” would be those words. “Pointed” and “toe” would be another two, and “Alexander” and “McQueen” will also work, but right now, if you can use the words “baby blue” to describe it, I’m probably going to want to buy it. Seriously, you could show me a baby blue TRACTOR, and I’d be aaaalll over it.

What is it about this colour that makes it so darn wonderful? Well, quite apart from the fact that it’s so very spring-like (Which is particularly welcome at the end of a long, dark winter), until recently, this shade was actually pretty rare, especially in shoes. That’s definitely changed over the last couple of seasons, of course, but it wasn’t always this way, and I think I’m still conditioned to see this particular shade as something fairly unusual – even although there’s so much of it around at the moment that I could easily dress in baby blue from head to toe. (Don;t worry, I won’t. At least, not TOO often…)

These shoes are the ultimate in baby blue beauty. They’d be beautiful in any colour, of course – they have that “perfect pump” shape totally nailed, don’t they? – but this one makes them extra-special, and extra-covetable.

What to wear with baby blue shoes?

As I mentioned, there’s no shortage of baby blue clothing around at the moment, but I was really taken with this floral pencil skirt by Warehouse, which contains just a hint of the shade:

what to wear with baby blue shoes

skirt // cardigan // bag 

Warehouse have been doing a great line in this style of skirt lately, and this one also has a co-ordinating top, if you want to wear it in the style of a dress -or if you just like the look of head-to-toe florals!

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