Zara silver strappy high heel sandals

zara silver strappy sandals

Zara silver strappy sandals, £59.99

When it comes to metallics, I tend to go for gold more often than silver, but I do like both colours, so I thought I’d show you a pair of silver sandals for a change.

These are from Zara, and also come in pink. Actually, it was the pink version that initially caught my eye, but they’re so similar to the Misguided sandals I featured last week that I decided to go for this version instead. They’re a little more dressy, but still wearable for daytime, which is how I’ve styled them in the outfit below: and as you can see, I haven’t abandoned pink altogether, and have managed to get a nice big dose of it into this look!

pink and silver outfit

What to wear with silver strappy sandals:

trousers // t-shirt // bag // sunglasses // scarf

This is one of the ways I’m planning to wear my own pair of barely-there sandals: in fact, I actually have the trousers on order, but they haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t tell you anything about them other than that they’re pink and cropped, and that’s generally good enough for me! The silver upper on these shoes would obviously make them an appropriate choice for an evening outfit, but I’ve chosen to dress them down for day here: I’m really loving combinations of pink and grey/silver right now, and think these could easily translate to a more casual (albeit pulled-together) look. I’m a big believer in not keeping shoes purely for “special occasions”, and I’ll happily wear dress shoes during the day, if I think I can possibly get away with it. With that said, these would also look fantastic with a dress: I love the thought of them with cobalt blue or navy, for instance, but silver is such a versatile shade that they wouldn’t be difficult to style.

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