Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon ‘Aurora’ shoes with bow

Melissa Vivienne Westwod Lady Dragon Aurora bow shoes

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon ‘Aurora’, £150

Every time I acquire another pair of Melissa shoes, I tell myself they’ll be the last ones, for sure. I mean, I have LOADS of these shoes now, and each pair was DEFINITELY going to be the last. I mean, how many pairs of bubblegum scented shoes does one woman need, after all? 

Well, I’ll have to get back to you when I know the answer to that one. Because every single time I think I’m done, and that my collection is surely complete, Melissa release another, subtly-different style, and I find myself thinking that, well, ONE more pair wouldn’t hurt, would they? And look, these ones are TOTALLY different to all the others, because these ones have a gold bow on the front. I don’t have any Melissa shoes with a gold bow on the front. I would be TOTALLY justified in buying some then, wouldn’t I? Er, wouldn’t I?

Don’t worry: I’m not actually planning another purchase (Well, not right this second, anyway),but I am rather charmed by these: the bow is super-cute, and the shoe underneath is a shape I never get tired of, so I guess the only problem would be choosing a colour. I have a soft spot for the white version, which is the one I’ve chosen to style below. Which would you go for, if any?

How to wear Lady Dragon shoes?

I was tempted to style these with a wedding dress, because the white and gold upper has a bridal feel, and I know quite a few people who’ve worn Lady Dragons on their wedding day! As this is supposed to be an outfit I’d wear personally, however, I’ve stuck to one of my favourite summer looks, safe in the knowledge that the white colour would go with every one of my sundresses and skirts:

what to wear with Lady Dragon Aurora pumps

What to wear with Lady Dragon ‘Aurora’ pumps



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