Kate Spade New York Gabe Pointed Bow Flats

Kate Spade Gabe bow flats

Kate Spade ‘Gabe’ pointed bow flats, $258

Another pair of Kate Spade shoes, and another pair of flats that I’d buy and wear in a heartbeat – if, of course, they weren’t $258.

That’s out of my price range for ANY shoes at at the moment, let alone flats (Which I seem to go through so quickly that it doesn’t seem worth the expense) but if I’d found these on the high street, I’d have had a very hard time resisting the call of that pointed toe and flat bow. This is a shape that looks amazing on heels, and only a tiny bit less amazing on flats shoes: it’s a style that I always think of as “ladylike”, and these are the kind of shoes that will instantly dress up even the scruffiest old pair of jeans.

I’m sure I don’t need to say much about the mint green colour here, but for those of you who are new to ShoeperWoman.com, this is one of my favourite shades, as well as being a perfect colour for spring and summer.

So, what to wear with mint green flats?

I generally reserve my flats shoes for casual days, wearing them with jeans or trousers, but I think these ones would also look good with a skirt or dress. Mind you, I reckon ANYTHING would look good with this particular dress, don’t you?

what to wear with mint green flats

What to wear with mint green flats:

dress // cardigan // necklace // sunglasses // clutch // belt // lipstick // nail polish 

It’s £275, which is actually a little LESS expensive than I was expecting it to be when I clicked on the link, although still not exactly cheap. I feel in love with it at first sight, though, and it’s inspired me to get my own 50s-inspired polka dot dress out this week sometime: it’s not nearly as nice as this one, but then again, it WAS only about £10 on eBay!

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