Dolce & Gabbana black, white and red peep toes on sale – but only in size 5


All day today I’ve been finding the most adorable shoes, all on sale… and all only available in a size 5.

Given that I’m a size 4, this has made for a frustrating day, and I apologise if you’re now sharing that frustration, having realised that the shoes shown above are one of the pairs I’m talking about.

I’m a sucker for shoes in a red, black and white combination, and when those shoes are Dolce & Gabbana, and on sale for £119 (which, OK, isn’t cheap, but isn’t bad for D&G), I’m guaranteed to be even more smitten. I especially like the shape of the heel on these, and although I generally prefer my heels skinny, I think this shape works much better than a stiletto would here.

If you happen to be a size 5, you can pick these up at

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