Shoe Deja Vu: Fendi’s Mary Jane Platforms Vs Office Sole Survivor


You’ll be able to spot various differences between these two shoes, and to be honest, they’re both a little too high and spindly for my tastes, but if you’re looking for that Fendi style on a bit of a budget, Office is definitely the place to go. They’ve had these ‘Sole Survivor’ platforms in stock for a while now, as well as lots of other shoes of the super-high platform variety, and I’d imagine most people will be too busy wondering how you’re managing to walk in them to notice the difference between them and the designer version.

That difference works out to about £333, with the Fendi shoes retailing for $675 and the Office ones for £85.


  • Well, I’m not too keen on either – the sole and heel are a bit to stripperesque for my taste. However, out of the two, I do prefer the office version. That stitch on the Fendi ones is just weird.

  • Those shoes are insane! I’d love to try and walk in them though, haha. I’d fail miserably though.
    I’d wear something like that but with a smaller platform.

  • I own four pairs of Fendi shoes from that collection in various colors. They never give an impression of being stripper shoes; admiration is the only response I’ve gotten from people, men and women alike.
    They are extremely comfortable and I’ve worn them in the office, at cocktail parties and in the opera.
    The heel is addicting – it’s hard to wear a lower shoe after having these on.

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