Shoe of the Day | Topshop ‘Rhonda’ velvet sandals

Topshop Rhonda velvet sandals

Topshop ‘Rhonda’ velvet sandals, £45

Black ankle-strap sandals may not sound like the most interesting Shoe of the Day ever, but I’ve loved these ‘Rhonda’ sandals from the second I laid eyes on them, and I think they’d make a truly gorgeous addition to the old shoe shelves. If you look carefully, you’ll see that these aren’t just any old black sandals, either: the upper and heel is actually decorated with a gauzy polka-dot design, which is subtle, but still very pretty.

The delicate shape also earns shoeper points from me. These have a 4.5″ heel, with no platform to balance it out, so they’re probably going to be “car to bar” shoes for many of us. That lack of a platform, however, helps keep the shape sleek and delicate, and the very low-cut vamp adds to that effect. They look like they’d be light as a feather to wear, and the low vamp will create a little bit of toe cleavage, too: I know that will count against them for some of you, but I’ve never been troubled by the sight of a bit of toe cleavage, so it’s an added advantage for me.

One more advantage to these? At £45, they’re one of the lower-priced evening shoe options out there right now: that HAS to be a good thing, right?

60s-inspired party outfit

dress // bag // eye palette 

This little glittery mini dress has a real 60s-inspired feel to it, as does a lot of the dresses we’re seeing for this season. When I first came across it, I thought it would look good with black tights: I’d still like to see it styled like that, but if you have the legs for it, it’ll also work well with these sandals, and will need very little in the way of accessorizing, thanks to that sparkly fabric.

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