Carvela green suede ‘Go’ sandals from Sarenza

Just before I headed off on holiday, my Fairy Shoemothers at Sarenza got in touch and offered to let me choose another pair of shoes from their website, as part of the Brand Ambassador program I’m participating in. (I know, lucky or what?)

I didn’t have time to place an order before I left, but I knew the very thought of it would be something that would help me shift my usual post-holiday blues, and I was right, because look what arrived on the Sarenza website the very day I got back to the UK?

They’re Carvela’s ‘Go’ sandals, which I wrote about back in May, and as soon as I spotted them on the Sarenza website, my decision was made. And it had taken all of about 30 seconds.

They arrived yesterday afternoon, and are even nicer than I was expecting, because the green is a little more vivid than it looks in the product shots. It’s exactly the shade of green I love most, and although in my original post about these shoes I’d expressed some reservations about the heel, I actually think they work really well:

You get these on via the little zips at the back, which jingle as you walk in them – Shoeperman will always know where I am when I’m wearing these!

I ordered my usual size in these, and they fit well, so I’d say they’re fairly true to size. So far I’ve only worn them to parade around the house in, so it’s hard to tell how comfortable they’ll be, but they seem easy enough to walk in so far, so fingers (or maybe toes) crossed.

I’m really excited to start working these into my wardrobe (and I’m not forgetting that I still have to “save” the pair of shoes I received from Sarenza last month, so look out for a Shoe Challenge post with those soon!): thanks again to Sarenza for the opportunity to make them mine!


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