Celebrity Shoes: Kate Middleton wears LK Bennett pumps on her trip to Canada

I have a bit of a soft spot for Kate Middleton, a.k.a The Duchess of Cambridge. (Or just “The Duchess”, as I would insist on being called if I were her. Fergie who?) It’s not that I particularly love her style, or anything – I suspect she’s very much constrained by various “rules” concerning what members of the Royal Family should and should not wear, so we probably don’t get to see much of Kate’s real style. No, my interest in her comes purely from the fact that she’s a fairly “average” young woman (if there is such a thing), who has suddenly found herself with the mother of all wardrobe dilemmas. I mean, I know how hard I found it to pack for a summer vacation during which the only people likely to be taking my photo were members of my family. What on earth must it be like to have to pack for a tour of Canada and California during which every single item you wear will be scrutinised by the world’s media?

Pretty hard, I’m guessing. Although having a large amount of money at your disposal would surely help.

What kind of shoes would you pack for such a trip, I wonder? Why, trusty old nude pumps, of course!

Kate’s shoes are by LK Bennett and are now sold out, however, the brand also makes a very similar shoe called ‘Andie‘, which comes in black, red and taupe. Perfectly classic, perfectly versatile, and perfect with the Erdem dress she wore to step off the plane.

What do you think of Kate’s look?

(Click here if you want to buy the shoes.)


  • I think she always looks fantastic! Even if there are rules about how she should dress, I think she manages to look interesting anyway. Although nude pumps aren’t really my taste, she definitely looks elegant, though not in a snobby way.

  • I think she really does always get it right. Like you say, having some money at your disposal helps, but she’s got great classic style. In addition, I love the fact that she buys things from shops that are accessible to us mere mortals, like LK Bennett.

  • Hi – actually they look more like “sledge” in nude – alas sold out 🙁 . They have a slightly slimmer platform!

    Luckily – i have them already!

  • I always love seeing Kate’s outfits. She does such a great job of dressing for the occasion, while always looking stylish and maintaining her own style. It’s really good to see.

  • i too have a huge girl crush on ‘The Duchess of Cambridge’….love how she dresses so perfectly under pressure…

    i personally would have worn a silver pair of pumps….

  • I’ve always felt that shoes that don’t sit flat (like these) where the toe sort of turns up are a sigh of a poorly made shoe. I am not familiar with this brand and I’m certain that Kate doesn’t wear crap, but these look cheap in my opinion. I am however a huge fan of the nude shoe so would have opted for the Valentino nude pump with the bow on the toe….exquisite!

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