Shoeperwoman Shops the River Island Sale

Today marks the start of the River Island sale, which is good news for me, but very bad news for my bank account, because as some of you know, River Island has been one of my favourite high street stores this season, and not just because of the shoes (which have been a Shoeperwoman favourite for years): this season they’ve also stocked a fabulous range of 50s inspired dresses and skirts, which have proved almost impossible (and sometimes literally impossible) to resist!

Here are some of my favourite picks from the current sale:

light green bow sandals, £15

At the time of writing, these were sold out in everything but a UK size 5 (sizes do tend to sell out quickly in the online version of the sale, so you have to get in fast!), but if you have a store near you, you may still be able to find them. The white version, however, which has contrasting black bows, was still available in all sizes.

Gold platform sandals, £30

If ever there was a shoe that said “70s disco”, these sandals would be it. Do you want your shoes to say “70s disco”, though? I’ll leave that one up to you.

Floral print wedges, £25

Again, these are selling out fast online, but the stores do tend to have more stock, so if you want them, and you live in the UK, don’t despair – you may just need to visit the store in person. And if you do, you’ll get yourself the perfect summer sandal, for just £25.

Polka dot sandals, £10

Well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t show you something with polka dots on it, would I?

Unfortunately, the shoes I had my eyes on didn’t go into the sale, so I managed to leave the site without buying any new footwear. I wasn’t quite so strong-willed in the clothing department, however. Here are a few of the items that sorely tested my resolve:

50s-style apple print dress, £15

This is actually the same dress I wore in this shoe challenge, only in a different print. I also have this dress in a beige/floral print, and absolutely love the shape of it, so I’m pleased to see River Island releasing it in other prints, even although it does make me want to collect them all.

Orange prom dress, £20

I’ve loved this dress for a while too, but was forced to conclude that the colour wouldn’t really work with my hair – it also looks a little shorter than I like, but would be super-cute on someone else!

Yellow tie-front top, £10

This was sold out in my size, otherwise it would be on its way to me now. I’m addicted to this colour at the moment, and this would look perfect with capri pants or jeans.

50s style skirts, £15

More 50-style fashion. This is my favourite skirt length, so I’m stocking up now, while they’re easy to find – next year I know we’ll be back to all-minis, all the time! (Not that I have anything against minis, you understand – I just like having the option of something a little longer, too!)

As I said, I didn’t quite manage to leave the sale empty-handed, and no doubt you’ll be seeing at least one of these items in a shoe challenge soon! What about you: have you been buying anything from the current round of summer sales?


  • The fruity dress is absolutely awful in real life. I took a good look at it when I was in Meadow Hall a few days ago and it doesn’t look a patch on its previous incarnations. It’s such a shame as the shape is beautiful.

  • those skirts sold out already, was considering getting one… I love 50’s style skirts and dresses so they would have ben perfect.

  • I logged on this morning and very prematurely patted myself on the back about not purchasing anything… then I visited an actual River Island shop and got a bit too involved in the whole sale frenzy.
    I think I may return “some” of my buys though.. maybe

  • Oh my god! That apple dress! When I was five and my little sister was two we had matching dresses with that exact same pattern. The cut was more standard little girl (with cap sleeves and Peter Pan collars) but rather similar as well. Who knew what trendsetters we were?

    I love those 50s style skirts!

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