Sam Edelman ‘Circus’ colourblock peep toes

Sam Edelman Circus

Sam Edelman ‘Circus’ colourblock peep toes, £73.55

 I know the colourblock trend is well and truly played-out now (and some would argue it’s been that way almost since the moment it became popular), but I’ve always had a bit of a habit of starting to like a trend only when it’s dead or dying, so I couldn’t resist showing you Sam Edleman’s ‘Circus’ peep toes, which come in two contrasting shades of blue, with a green stiletto heel.

I really like the colour mix on these, but I think I love the shape even more. Large platforms are starting to feel almost as played-out as colourblocking, but every so often one comes along that still has the power to make me love it, and this is one of those times. These are chunky, sure, but they definitely have a whole lot of personality. And personality goes a long way…

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