Shoe Kryptonite | Kate Spade ‘Grande’ bow peep toes

white shoes with blue bow on the heel Kate Spade white bridal shoes black shoes with pink bow on the heel black Kate Spade shoes with pink now at the ankle

Kate Spade ‘Grande’, $598

I’m pretty sure the white version of this shoe is primarily aimed at brides: well, don’t you think it would make a fabulous “something blue, with that beautiful bow peeping out from under a gorgeous gown’?

I’m also pretty sure that little fact wouldn’t stop me wanting to buy them anyway – assuming, of course, that the price tag magically lost at least one digit from the end. Why should brides have all the fun (or all the shoes, for that matter)?

As it happens, there IS a second, significantly less bridal-looking version of this shoe to choose from too, so it’s OK, there’s no need to start planning a second wedding just yet. I think both versions are amazing – as you can probably tell by the fact that I’ve dubbed them Shoe Kryptonite – but if you’re not quite as much of a fan of bows as I am, you’ll be pleased to know that these ones are removable, so if you want to change the look of the shoe, you can simply take them off, and be left with just the shoe underneath, which is a beautiful creation in its own right. And if you REALLY want to change the look of the shoes, I guess you could buy both version and swap the bows around, putting blue with black and pink with white. OK, that would cost you well over $100, so it’s probably not the most practical idea ever, but then again, “practical” isn’t really the point of these shoes, is it?

On that subject, these have a 4″ heel, which I personally find the perfect height for a stiletto: it’s high enough to look spectacular (and help make your legs look spectacular, too), but low enough to be (comparatively) easy to walk in. In other words? They’re pretty much perfect.

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