Missoni studded textured-leather gold boots

gold missoni boots

Missoni studded textured-leather gold boots, £1129

There’s a lot going on with these boots. A gold upper. A textured heel/back covered in gold embroidery and studs. Another couple of studs at the top of the ankle – huge ones, this time. Finally, an unusual, curve-heel, pointed-toe shape, which gives them something of a cartoonish look.

All of this should add up to a pair of boots which I would’t normally touch: as I’ve mentioned a million times, I like my boots simple, and I’ve never  been much of a Missoni fan, anyway.

Oddly enough, though, I actually don’t hate these. I’m not going to go as far as to say I LOVE them, and I definitely won’t be buying them at that price, but think the shape is interesting and the texture/colour of the upper is really beautiful. What do you think?

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