Jimmy Choo Loop patent leather sandals in orange and black


I’ve always thought of Jimmy Choo as a brand that’s more “classic” than it is “edgy”, but with these ‘Loop’ patent sandals they seem to have ventured a little further outside their usual remit, with a vaguely gladiatorial style stiletto sandal in bright orange and black.

So, what do we make of these, then? At first glance I wasn’t convinced, with the black ankle cuffs putting me off. The more I look at them, though, and appreciate the slender stiletto and delicate shape of the shoe, the more I think these could actually be rather stunning on. I think the proof would be in the wearing here, and I’d need to see them on an actual foot to know for sure what I think of them. If you know you love them now, though, they’re £450 from Net-a-Porter.

BUY: Jimmy Choo Loop patent sandals, £450


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