Jonathan Kelsey t-bar patent pumps. With… bobble.


I’d be the last person to ever suggest that shoes should always be purely practical (AS IF), but let me also be the first to put my hands up and admit that I don’t really get the point of the “bobble” on these. Well, I DO: I mean, I realise it’s supposed to be purely decorative, so what I should probably say is that I don’t really think it works. I think if I was wearing these shoes, I’d be constantly looking down and thinking I’d stepped on something and speared it with my stiletto. Like a really shiny grape, say. Or a very small disco ball. 

It’s a shame, because disco balls aside, I really love the look of these shoes, and I say that as someone who doesn’t really go for pink all that often. These are fresh and summery, though, and I do love the t-bar: it’s just that I’d constantly want to pull that “bobble” off the heels, and that’s not a good thing.

If you love these, bobbles and all, though, you will be pleased to know that they’ve just been reduced to £145 at The Outnet. Get them here.

BUY: Jonathan Kelsey t-bar shoes, £145


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